Is a chrome extension for sniffing, analyzing and downloading images from web page, it's good compatibility allows users to easily extract images loaded by flash or ajax.

You can get it from Chrome App Store:

Alt + Shift + YChromeExtract from current page.Edit
Alt + Shift + TchromeMulti Extract from current page.Edit
Alt + Shift + XSelector PageClose current selector page and extracted page.No
Alt + MSelector PageMenu SwitchNo
Alt + SSelector PageSize Sort SwitchNo
Alt + TSelector PageResolution Text SwitchNo
Ctrl + ASelector PageSelect AllNo
Ctrl + SSelector PageKeep SelectedNo
Ctrl + DSelector PageDownload SelectedNo
DSelector PageDownload Selected Directly(No Popup Dialog)No
Ctrl + ZSelector PageCancel SelectNo
Ctrl + RSelector PageReverse SelectNo
DelSelector PageDelete SelectedNo
Selector Page/ViewerPreviousNo
Selector Page/ViewerNextNo
Num. +Selector Page/ViewerSelect ViewingNo
Num. -Selector Page/ViewerDeselect ViewingNo
DelSelector Page/ViewerDelete ViewingNo
EscSelector Page/ViewerExit ViewerNo